Fired. Dismissed. Let Go.

You’re Fired. Dismissed. Discharged. Terminated. Put on notice. Sacked. Got the boot. Marching orders. Pink slip. Those are words that invoke all sorts of feelings. Whether you have ever had to fire someone or you have been fired, it can be a terrible experience. Could we forget how many people Donald Trump fired on his…

The Science of Food, Part One

Healthy eating isn’t about following arbitrary rules set down from Kim Kardashian. It’s about listening to your body’s signals and understanding what your body needs to survive. This is about basic biology. It’s also about getting in touch with your body. … More The Science of Food, Part One

Stressed? These Three Steps Can Help You

Remember that stress happens to everyone. You are not alone in dealing with difficult situations. Some people say that nothing in life is worth having if it comes too easily. Stress is inevitable, but it doesn’t have to cripple you. Learn how your body responds to stress and what you can do to relax. It’s not a sign of weakness to ask for help, either. … More Stressed? These Three Steps Can Help You

Creative Spark – Project Runway

But it’s more than getting to know the designers. It’s also about seeing something of yourself in these people. I see a contestant struggle with the challenge, and I relate to her struggle. This show expands my perspective every week. I remember an episode when a designer (who was born deaf) made a dress symbolizing his experience learning to hear for the first time. It was a breathtaking moment, and I am better for having seen that episode. … More Creative Spark – Project Runway

Shark Attacks

What exactly is a shark attack? Do we overreact to shark encounters? An article by Zack Beauchamp with Vox highlights some important information about an alleged shark attack video that has gained viral popularity this week. It’s important that we have a fuller understanding of this situation before jumping to conclusions, so I recommend you … More Shark Attacks