Profoundly Human

I’ve never felt more profoundly human than in the moment I decided to be a writer. At that moment, I discovered my place our cosmic puzzle. … More Profoundly Human


Shark Attacks

What exactly is a shark attack? Do we overreact to shark encounters? An article by Zack Beauchamp with Vox highlights some important information about an alleged shark attack video that has gained viral popularity this week. It’s important that we have a fuller understanding of this situation before jumping to conclusions, so I recommend you … More Shark Attacks

My Canyon

As I sit writing my first blog post, I struggle to find my voice as a writer. I am an energetic thinker, a voracious reader, a sincere conversationalist, but I’ve never been a writer. Of course, I’ve written papers and essays for my undergraduate course work. I also write daily memos in my job as … More My Canyon