My Canyon

Photo Credit: Steven Ford
Photo Credit: Steven Ford

As I sit writing my first blog post, I struggle to find my voice as a writer. I am an energetic thinker, a voracious reader, a sincere conversationalist, but I’ve never been a writer. Of course, I’ve written papers and essays for my undergraduate course work. I also write daily memos in my job as a library clerk, but this blog business is a brand new landscape to me.

I do have the power to craft my voice, but I cannot possibly anticipate how you will perceive me. I could choose every word vigilantly. I could choose my subject matter according to what is current and newsworthy. However, I imagine that would cause significant inner tension. Not to mention, eventually I would likely lose interest in this blog if I never wrote about my unique, quirky interests. So here’s my bargain with you, my prospective readers: I promise to write from the truest part of myself, with my quirks in full force if you promise to engage with your truest self.

I am in uncharted territory, which is empowering despite also being intimidating. I feel like an early American pioneer trekking through Grand Canyon: the wonderment of the sight, the expansiveness of the canyon, and the tremendous risk of crossing it. This blog is my personal Canyon, and I am humbled by the endeavor.


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