Shark Attacks
Photo Credit: The Standard Daily

What exactly is a shark attack? Do we overreact to shark encounters? An article by Zack Beauchamp with Vox highlights some important information about an alleged shark attack video that has gained viral popularity this week. It’s important that we have a fuller understanding of this situation before jumping to conclusions, so I recommend you take the time to read this and then make your own conclusions about shark encounters.

Here is a passage from the article:

“Based on the footage we’ve seen, we don’t know [the shark’s] intentions. It looks like the shark was trying to get out of the situation as fast as Mark [sic] was,” Alison Kock, a marine biologist at the University of Cape Town, told the Guardian.

Andrew Ingram, a spokesperson for the National Sea Rescue Institute also quoted in the Guardian, was more blunt: “To call it an attack is inaccurate. I’ve watched the slow motion footage very carefully. I think the shark was coming for a look.”


1. Zack Beauchamp. “That Viral Shark Attack Video Is Everything We Get Wrong about Sharks.” Vox. Vox Media, 22 July 2015. Web. 22 July 2015


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