Profoundly Human

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I would like you to understand a little more about me before we begin to explore complex issues. The first thing you should know is that I tend to over-analyze things. I love to explore the why and how of things, and I especially enjoy finding patterns and connections in the human experience. Having said that, I’ve never thought to explore that part of my nature through writing. Not until I started listening to National Public Radio and reading news like a fiend. I fell in love with the astute storytelling of journalism. The folks who report the news the best are the ones who marry the facts with the humanity. I made the decision last year that I want to become that type of person and journalist. I want to explore complex topics and communicate those stories to the world.

I’ve never felt more profoundly human than in the moment I decided to be a writer. At that moment, I discovered my place in our cosmic puzzle. I feel compelled to tell the stories of the lost, the heartsick, the broken, the oppressed, and the powerless. Though, I also want to tell happy stories about first loves, childhood dreams, trips to the zoo, ice cream in the park, building a snowman with your kids, and graduating from college. Our human experiences are so vast and dynamic, and each person contains a unique story to tell. To be a writer is to be a vessel for these human experiences and stories, and I feel responsible to communicate those stories with profound compassion.

Thank you for your trust and time as we explore the human experience together.


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