Sending Feet to the Moon (Spoiler Alert)

I cried when I saw the movie “Gravity“, and not because George Clooney died. No. I wept in that tightly packed theater on opening night because I had never before witnessed anything so breathtaking.


Our planet is so small in this cosmos, a single pixel in an infinite expanse. To feel so trivial and yet so connected—it was magic. I felt amazed and inspired and universal all at once.

And so I cried. Because space has always been my dreamscape, and now, I had a chance to touch it. Regardless of the movie’s scientific inaccuracies, it did one thing right: “Gravity” gave people like me an opportunity to fulfill a childhood dream

We are lucky to be alive in this golden age of space exploration. In the last few months, NASA’s New Horizon probe has shot high-definition images of Pluto and the Curiosity Rover on Mars confirmed that water flows under the surface and giant lakes used to exist on the red planet. The time couldn’t be better to be a scientist—or in my case a science enthusiast.

We have so much to explore in this cosmos, and I can’t wait for the next major discovery. In the meantime, I’m going to send a picture of my feet to the moon and start saving for my ticket to Mars. I invite you to do the same.


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