Fired. Dismissed. Let Go.

You’re Fired. Dismissed. Discharged. Terminated. Put on notice. Sacked. Got the boot. Marching orders. Pink slip.

Those are words that invoke all sorts of feelings. Whether you have ever had to fire someone or you have been fired, it can be a terrible experience. Could we forget how many people Donald Trump fired on his TV show? It’s not that easy. Some of the most famous and recognizable people have been fired: Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Thomas Edison, Julia Child, Jerry Seinfeld, Walt Disney and more. They rose above and came out the other end on top.

So why are people ashamed when they “get their pink slip”? Change is hard on people.  Involuntary change can be devastating. At the most basic and reasonable level, we feel loss. If you do not find another job right away, you have a loss of income. Sometimes you lose more…

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